July - Oct 2020

Decalcomato & Afficher Odylus

The Odylus is a coveted place at the center of a major urban renewal project. During 18 months, this part of the former Saint-Odile clinic in Neudorf, has been transformed into a support center and a home for families and isolated people. The last 3 months, I was in Odylus with my friend Maud Grelier to meet its residents and create a website telling their story and the one of this place, as long as report on the research work led by the association Horizome.

In addition to the creation of the website www.raconter-odylus.org, we led several workshops to meet the residents and better understand their life. The Decalcomato was our first workshop as it helped us start a conversation while drawing someone. All of the portraits were later gathered to create a big poster that was offered to each resident. Thanks to the poster creation tool I participated to code during the project Shared hope, shared anger, we created a serie of posters with the residents, composed with some of the verbatims from their testimony.