I’m currently building in my free-time a website for a collective called Gyn&co in which I have been a volunteer for 2 years. We’re creating a collaborative web platform that allows people who need gynecological care to share doctors whom they felt were professional and caring. Using a system of tags for medical acts and non-discriminatory behaviors, we aim to help fight gynecological abuses and discrimination in the medical field.

During the technical design part, I formed a team of 4 and took on the role of product owner because I’m more aware of the stakes of this project. I led the technical design step in which we worked on website trees, use-case diagrams, class diagrams and also wireframes. Considering the technical skills of the team, we chose to build an API and the CMS with Symfony and use Next.js for the website, as it is based on the modern framework React.js and offers a great SEO. We used Github project to divide features in issues and assigned priorities to adjust our MVP and manage our time. Even though I first worked as a full-stack developer on this project, I’m now spending more time on the Next.js app because I’m more interested in front-end development. I implemented some features (API fetching, search filters page, multi-step form…) but also worked in pair-programming to help debugging other members of the team..