cécilia haentjens

full-stack developer


I’m Cécilia Haentjens. I’m a web developer with a background in UX/UI design in Paris. I lead graphic workshops, create websites and like to imagine interactive apps . I’m currently working as an apprentice full-stack developer at Les Jours, an independent online newspaper.


I’m currently building in my free-time a website for a collective called Gyn&co in which I have been a volunteer for 2 years. We’re creating a collaborative web platform that allows people who need gynecological care to share doctors whom they felt were professional and caring. Using a system of tags for medical acts and non-discriminatory behaviors, we aim to help fight gynecological abuses and discrimination in the medical field.

Gyn&co · Paris · website

Les Jours

I worked at Les Jours, an online newspaper, as an intern for 6 months and I’ve built a new homepage that would allow the team to show the diversity of subjects covered by journalists. After my internship, I kept working there part-time as an apprentice web developer. Among various projects, I had the opportunity to work on building the live post system for the French presidential election or rebuild the newsletter management for the marketing team. After spending time analyzing how editors worked, I’m now working on updating and building new features to improve their user experience on the CMS.

Les Jours · Paris · website

Literary agency Nabokov

After spending years working as an editor, Catherine Nabokov decided to create her own agency in 2020 and makes it its mission to represent the new voices of French-speaking literature. I helped her create her website, from the website tree to web development, including graphic interfaces based on a visual identity by Maud Grelier.

Agence Nabokov · Paris · website

Raconter Odylus

The Odylus is a coveted place at the center of a major urban renewal project. During 18 months, this part of the former Saint-Odile clinic in Neudorf, has been transformed into a support center and a home for families and isolated people. The last 3 months, I was in Odylus to meet its residents and create a website telling their story and the one of this place, as long as report on the research work led by the association Horizome.

association Horizome · Strasbourg · website

Decalcomato · Afficher Odylus

In addition to the creation of the website www.raconter-odylus.org, I led with my friend Maud Grelier a serie of creative workshops with the residents of the Odylus in order to learn to know them. The Decalcomato, a system we created to make live portraits, was the first of these. Then, we created graphic posters with the residents using verbatims from their testimony and displayed them in the city.

association Horizome · Strasbourg · graphic workshops

Shared hope, shared anger

Between april and may 2020, I’ve been part of a « confined workshop » led by The Sign - National graphics Center and the graphic designer Sébastien Marchal. During a month and a half, we shared images and writings from our readings. From these exchanges was born a « graphic alphabet » that we used to create about 50 posters visible on the website www.commun-espoir.org. This website was created in collaboration with Marie Deloffre and Sylvain You.

Le Signe · Chaumont · website

And it's done with a lot of fun !

And it's done with a lot of fun ! is the title of the graduation thesis I wrote in 2019, after spending 2 years studying UX/UI design at the University Paris 8. Through different themes, I question the responsibility of designers and their role in political life : make information accessible, give voice, participate in sharing knowledge...

University Paris 8 · Saint-Denis · writings


French laws and administration are difficult to understand. Their conditions of understanding are in fact strongely related to economic, social, cultural and environmental factors. In other words : the most penalized are oftenly the most precarious. Inspired by popular education and popularization movements, iumin is a project of collaborative tool which aims to centralize the legislative content and simplify its reading with the help of decoded documents, infographics and a close-knit community.

University Paris 8 · Saint-Denis · project design


Promoting the collective strength, stimulating debate and encourage speaking out are the goals of Citivox, an interactive tool designed for civic education classe and directly inspired by roleplays. By using a digital tool and physical game during class, it immerses middle school students in a fictional city that they will develop by solving challenges and debating. The teacher becomes the mediator, respecting the principles of flipped pedagogy.

University Paris 8 · Saint-Denis · project design

Arts boulevard

The website www.boulevarddesarts.fr aims to report on two years of experimentation and research carried out by the artist Stefan Shankland and the association Lieux Commmuns Production in the Val-de-Marne. It shows the project’s history and the 5 days event that took place at the end, in automn 2019 with the help of a timeline, an interactive map, interviews, videos, portraits…

Stefan Shankland · Ivry-sur-Seine · website


Hopes is a subjective and regularly supplemented list of « generators of hope » : their sources, their natures and their times are diverse. Accessible to the greatest number, this collection tended to bet a « big promotion of hope » in many forms : the former website www.lesespoirs.fr, graphic posters, postcards...

La lune en parachute · Épinal · graphic design

Faites de la soupe !

The Faites de la soupe !, organized by the collective Cochenko and the social cennter of Buisson St-Louis in Belleville (Paris, France), offers a friendly moment between neighbors and passers-by to taste the soups prepared by participants. On this occasion, I co-created a workshop of recipes barter allowing anyone to share its own soup recipe thanks to no less than 70 hand-engraved stamps.

Buisson St-Louis · Belleville, Paris · graphic workshop